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The Pedagogy of PowerPoint

I am catching up on all of the items I flagged for reading over the past week, and I ran across a tremendously well developed paper on about The Rhetoric of PowerPoint. This is a paper by Jens. E. Kjeldsen an associate professor at the University of Bergen, Norway. Kjeldsen rightly points out that …..

On What it Would Mean to Really Teach “Naked”

Not surprisingly, given my inclination to think about ways that technology can help education, this week I have received more than a few emails from colleagues pointing to an article at The Chronicle of Higher Ed about a professor at SMU, Jose Bowen, who likes to encourage what he calls, Teaching Naked, or more descriptively …..

Teaching in the Age of Distraction

I have been thinking a lot lately about Howard Rheingold’s “Attention 101” and “Attention 102” videos, this is somewhat inspired by his recent reposting and discussion as he begins class, but also because I am also beginning a new semester. I think regardless of what discipline or subject matter we teach, we could do with …..

Another Online Slide Creation Tool

No, that is not a screen shot of Keynote, it is from an online slide creation tool called 280Slides. The interface though is so similar to Keynote that one might accuse them of just ripping off Keynote, stripping it down and turning it into a web application. Indeed in reading thru the few blog posts …..

Blogs for Course Management

Last week I had a request to detail how I use blogs as a course management tool, as a way to subvert and improve on the horrible ones most Universities encourage (sometimes force) faculty to use (yes I am talking about WebCT and Blackboard). So, I am preparing said post, but in the meantime for …..

Two Quick Useful Links

If you want to convert a Microsoft Word document into an HTML document that makes sense, follow the suggestions on this tutorial. (I know Microsoft Word lets you do this automatically, but the HTML is produces is at best questionable, and usually horrendous.) The methods in this tutorial are much better, and worth the effort …..

For Your Audience’s Sake

Please on behalf of those who will listen to you, stop using PowerPoint, or at least stop using PowerPoint the way that it is commonly used. | View | Upload your own

Presentation Tools

Over the past couple of years Google has been working hard to chip away at the empire of Microsoft, particularly by creating online alternatives to Microsoft Word. Googledocs, and Googlespreadsheets offer good alternatives to Microsoft, with several advantages: primarily cost (Google is free), but also you can edit your files from any computer, and have …..

How To Build and Publish Your Presentation

Okay, finally, without too much further ado, and two plane rides of writing later, I am going to outline all the steps I go through to “build” a presentation. Let me say a few things up front though. First, this again is not an expert thing, this is simply what I have developed to make …..

Wikipedia and MLA

I am busy getting ready for MLA, and finishing the semester. For those of you who are interested I will be presenting on “Wikipedia: The University an the Open Archive” on Thursday at noon-1:15. You can see more information about this particular panel here as well as info about the other two Wikipedia focused papers. …..