Word Processing

LaTex-Another Word Processing Option

Occasionally when I write about word processors someone will ask about using LaTeX (that’s LaTeX, not latex . . . totally different things). LaTex is the hardcore version of Word Processing. I most often find it used by those in the sciences as it is much easier to type equations and formulas in LaTex. (Technically …..

Mellel Discount—Today Only

Quick note to say that for those who are Mac users and looking for a Word Processor that doesn’t suck (yes MS Word I am talking about you), Maczot is selling Mellel at a discounted price. Mellel is by far my favorite word processor, a program designed specifically for the ways academics write. Normally $35 …..

Two Quick Useful Links

If you want to convert a Microsoft Word document into an HTML document that makes sense, follow the suggestions on this tutorial. (I know Microsoft Word lets you do this automatically, but the HTML is produces is at best questionable, and usually horrendous.) The methods in this tutorial are much better, and worth the effort …..

A List of Interest

I am currently working on a longish post about using Twitter in academia, but in the meantime I have collected some useful links to peruse. First up Big Think. Think of YouTube for ideas. The polish on this site is nice, and it seems to be off to a good start with some rather substantial …..

Two Good Reviews

Looking for a Word Processor? Zaine Ridling at Donation Coder has written a thorough review, and by thorough I mean over 15,000 words, covering various word processors. Not only does he review major and minor desktop word processors, but he also has a rundown of online ones. With each Word Processor he presents the good …..

Working with Pdfs (Adobe isn’t the only option)

I was talking with a faculty member the other day who was complaining about being sent a .pdf, as he was unable to “edit” it in any way, he wanted the more friendly Microsoft Word document. (If you don’t know what a .pdf is click here, most of the “professional” documents you get are in …..

Getting the Right Writing Tool

As much as I love Mellel I never thought I would say this, but, I have started using another Word Processing program. Never fear Mellel faithful, I have not abandoned Mellel, I have just added another tool to my word processing repitoire. Meta-Explanation(feel free to skip if you want) I have been thinking a lot …..

More about Microsoft Word

Charlie Lowe, at Kairosnews has an excellent post on thinking critically about Microsoft Word. I won’t try to summarize it, it is too well written for that. Instead I will just say if you are a professor or teacher whose students use Microsoft Word, and especially if it is your job to teach them to …..