What I Use Now

Five years ago I wrote, what for some reason, was the first post for my blog that got any sort of attention. Basically it was a run down of the “Top Ten” software tools I use as an educator. At the time I was consistently asked by colleauges what computer “stuff” I used, so I decided …..

Why I Might Be (although I would rather not be) Leaving Dropbox

Last week I publicly (via Twitter—really what other venue is there?) mentioned that I might be leaving Dropbox. What ensued was a rather lengthy conversation between me and others as to why I would do such a thing. Soon after the conversation started, the folks at @Dropbox noticed and joined the discussion. Why would I …..

A Model for Teaching College Writing

The following is a guest post from UT-Dallas graduate student, Barbara Vance (@brvance). This past semester Barbara taught an atypical rhetoric and composition course. Barbara teaches Rhetoric 1302, the standard introductory college writing course. She was given a course with a group of students who she was told, were struggling with writing and needed, “more …..

Launching the Emerging Media Major

So as most of the readers of this blog know, we launched a new major here at the University of Texas at Dallas: Emerging Media and Communications. (Sorry the website is not as informative as it ought to be, yet. We have been busy getting the program structured and have not had time to work …..

Back from the Election Time Suck

Now that the election is over, and my digital politics class will require less time, hopefully I can return to blogging here more. So to start here is a list of things I have been collecting over the last few weeks that just got placed in the “to blog about” pile. (Incidentally, if the local …..

Web Based Research Management

Holding on until election season is over. In the meantime here is a new site to keep you occupied: lumifi is a online research tool for helping you to search and organize information from the web (sort of like a web based DevonAgent, DevonThink). You can watch the introductory video here.

Obligatory Back to School Post

Read Write Web gives a list of the top 10 web apps for students.

Another Online Slide Creation Tool

No, that is not a screen shot of Keynote, it is from an online slide creation tool called 280Slides. The interface though is so similar to Keynote that one might accuse them of just ripping off Keynote, stripping it down and turning it into a web application. Indeed in reading thru the few blog posts …..

Presentation Software-For Free

Just finished my semester here at University of Texas at Dallas, which gives me time to return to this neglected blog. Over a month ago I signed up for a beta-invite for Sliderocket, a what looked to be promising online presentation tool. Think of it as Google Docs for Power Point. To be sure there …..

Follow Up on Evernote-Getting Devon over the Web (iPhone)

While I was checking out Evernote (see post below) I got enamored with the idea of having my database accessible over the web (read iPhone). Evernote makes this really easy. But ultimately Evernote was no where near powerful enough to entice me into switching (in fact I have been ramping up my Devon use lately …..