File Sharing in the Classroom: PirateBox and LibraryBox

Background Last semester I had the advantage of teaching in the new Communications and Digital Media classroom here at Saint Joe’s. It’s a fabulous space, that just on architecture and design changes the learning environment. (Key technology: moveable tables and chairs.) But the classroom was in part over designed, or at least in some areas, …..

Next Year. Something New.

I have accepted a job at Saint Joseph’s University, to be chair of a new department focusing on digital media. So in the fall I will be an Associate Professor and Chair of the Communications Department at Saint Joseph’s University. I am really excited about this job opportunity, as the “next thing I want to …..

More About Knowledge Cartels

In conjunction with the keynote that I gave at the Computers in Writing Conference this year, I wrote an article for Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture. For those who are interested this piece articulates, in a slightly different manner, why I think that Open Access issues are fundamental to the work we …..

What I Use Now

Five years ago I wrote, what for some reason, was the first post for my blog that got any sort of attention. Basically it was a run down of the “Top Ten” software tools I use as an educator. At the time I was consistently asked by colleauges what computer “stuff” I used, so I decided …..

Social Media Fasts

Harrisburg University seems to be getting a small amount of press lately for announcing that it would as an experiment block all social media websites for a week (Inside Higher Education Article, Chronicle Article). Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, even AIM and chat features on Moodle will be unavailable on the University network (or more precisely the …..

Burn the Boats/Books

The following is a summary of my talk, or more accurately, the short written version of my talk, “Burn the Boats,” which I gave a little over a month ago at the DWRL in Austin. You can read the post, or skip to the end and watch the videos (which last about 40 minutes) and …..

Necessary Reading

If you are not reading Mark Pesce’s blog The Human Network you really should start. But more importantly if you are in education you should carve out some time to read a recent series of posts he has published which all focus on education. Actually I suspect that these are the published versions of a …..

Here’s Hoping

It may not be this company but sooner or later something like this is going to happen legally.

Saturday Morning Procrastination—Watch My Students on The Local News

One of the local channels here in Dallas did a short news piece on one of my classes as part of their election coverage. Their player does not let you embed the video so you have to click the image below. The video is only two minutes and you can see my students as well …..

Saturday Morning Ways to Procrastinate Yet Gain Valuable Insight

My favorite academic article last week appeared in The Chronicle, a defense of academic blogging. The more complicated questions I get, that I usually cannot answer, revolve around copyright. Now I happen to be lucky and have an older brother who works in intellectual property law, so I can seek advice from him. But, for …..