Social Media Fasts

Harrisburg University seems to be getting a small amount of press lately for announcing that it would as an experiment block all social media websites for a week (Inside Higher Education Article, Chronicle Article). Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, even AIM and chat features on Moodle will be unavailable on the University network (or more precisely the …..

Be Online or Be Irrelevant

“For [the theoreticians of photography] undertook nothing less than to legitimize the photographer before the very tribunal he was in the process of overturning.” -Benjamin, Little History of Photography I want to explicate some of the issues I raised in the last post, address some of the comments, walk back my position on at least …..

Teaching Carnival

This week I am hosting the Teaching Carnival. This weeks Teaching Carnival theme: The Future of Education. Alex Halavis suggests that the future of education lies outside the walls of the university. After all, what are students paying for? an administrative function that they can perform themselves? Personally I am not that keen on ad …..

Facebook Changing the Terms of Service

For those who are not on twitter and following the recent meme about changing TOS, you should start by reading this post and the subsequent follow-up. To be fair to Facebook part of the momentum here is a general sense of angst about who owns what when it is stored in “the cloud” or on …..

Who I Follow on Twitter

I have had several conversations recently that take one of two shapes: 1. Why do you have over a 1,000 followers but only follow 200? or 2. How do you decide who to follow? These questions seem related, if not coterminous, and go to the heart of what I find valuable about twitter, and how …..

How My Quote Ended Up on the CNN Article

(A story of Twitter, academia, and old journalism trying to be new but failing.) Okay first read this article on CNN about the new website, okay you can actually just skim the article and skip to the last three paragraphs. Yes, that’s me being quoted in that article, and yes you are correct that …..

iPhone Apps for Academic Types

So, I got this email the other day. You know the type, one from a not all together legitimate website, saying “Hey Link to My Post” your readers might want the information. The post purported to be a list of the top 50 iPhone applications for educators. The only problem is that some of the …..

Ironic Pedagogy

File this under bad pedagogy and irony, a bit like teaching a statistics class but not letting the students use any numbers.

Edmodo-Twitter for Educators

Those who follow this blog know that I am seriously intrigued by Twitter, and have frequently written about its academic uses. Enter Edmodo, Twitter for educators. Edmodo is a private microblogging service. I generally think one of the values of twitter is its public nature, being able to connect to people beyond your usual milieu. …..