My New Way of Handling Teaching Materials

Adventures in GitHub This semester I am trying something new for teaching A while ago Brian Croxall suggested that what we need in higher educaiton is a Git Hub for syllabi. Or more precisely Brian was suggesting that we ought to alter the frame by which we think about creating, modifying, and sharing syllabi. In …..

Launching the Emerging Media Major

So as most of the readers of this blog know, we launched a new major here at the University of Texas at Dallas: Emerging Media and Communications. (Sorry the website is not as informative as it ought to be, yet. We have been busy getting the program structured and have not had time to work …..


And the word for obvious conclusion of the week goes to John William Pope Center for Higher Education which concludes that sharing syllabi online is a good idea. Really? You’re kidding sharing knowledge actually helps? Seriously is there a reason to not do this? Are you really going to suggest that education is fostered by …..

Collaborative Literacy: Wikified Notes

One of the things I am trying for the second time this semester, is assigning wiki contributions as part of my class. I tried this last semester with mixed results. I created a wiki and suggested topics for students to contribute on, and had the class work on it as a whole, with the expectation …..

Teaching Digitally

I have spent some time (actually too much time) over the last three-four weeks figuring out all the details to my syllabi for this coming semester. I will be teaching two courses which I have not taught before (one grad, one undergrad) although the topics are similar, meaning that I didn’t have to design two …..

Yale Course Material—Rip, Mix, and Burn

The short version: Yale now offers a range of course materials online free to the public. While currently the number of courses is rather limited, the scope of materials for each class is substantial and more thorough than current alternatives. The Yale Online Initiative isn’t perfect, but it is a huge step in the right …..

This is Good

Let’s say you have a bunch of content on a Blackboard system, and have decided that their copyright policies are bad, or that it is a clunky, inadequate CMS, but you don’t want to leave all your hard work behind. Never fear. The University of North Carolina has come to the rescue with the Blackboard …..

Apparently Business Sense is not Something Harvard Values in its Students

According to the Harvard Crimson newspaper, students are being prohibited by the bookstore from copying down textbook information. Why would a bookstore want to prevent this? Because students then use this information to purchase the books for cheaper online. Sounds like good business/financial smarts to me? Seriously the textbook market is such a racket of …..

Using the Web to help Students Develop Paper Topics

I have said here before that I think most of what professors want to accomplish online for their classes is easily done by a blog. That’s it no WebCT or Blackboard needed. A blog can handle making a syllabus accessible, updating assignments, providing links to outside information, and with a little creative effort, a good …..