Buying a Bunch of Printers

But not that kind of printer . . . . Background I am teaching a course on 3dprinting this semester (you can see the syllabus here if you are interested it is a mix between theory, history of information & communication, and praxis, printing stuff). It has been a difficult class to construct and think …..

THATCamp hopefully the Model for Future Conferences

I have finally returned from my end of month traveling and am getting back to work on my current project (more on that later). But for now I wanted to join an ongoing conversation, about what was one of the most productive academic conferences I have been to: THATCamp. First, let me say mad props …..

Teaching Carnival

This week I am hosting the Teaching Carnival. This weeks Teaching Carnival theme: The Future of Education. Alex Halavis suggests that the future of education lies outside the walls of the university. After all, what are students paying for? an administrative function that they can perform themselves? Personally I am not that keen on ad …..

Academic Branding and Portfolio Control

One of the things I consistently tell grad students is that they need to start developing an online profile now, their future, and the future of the profession depends on this. While already established faculty (read ones with secure full time jobs) can afford to ignore the developing intellectual landscape the coming generation of scholars …..

Devon for Novel Writing

Steven Johnson, who I started reading because of his book Everything Bad is Good For You (a well thought out defense of digital games) has a post on boingboing documenting his novel writing process (he has a new book out). Although he says he has used various writing tools for his different books, his “one …..

The Best Holiday Gift I Am Likely to Get—New Devon

DevonTechnologies has just released the beta version of DevonThink 2.0. And yes, this is likely the best thing I will get for the Holidays. Whether this says more about me and my geeky/scholarly loves, or about the people who will give me gifts I leave to you. (Actually my brother and I instituted a ban …..

iPhone Apps for Academic Types

So, I got this email the other day. You know the type, one from a not all together legitimate website, saying “Hey Link to My Post” your readers might want the information. The post purported to be a list of the top 50 iPhone applications for educators. The only problem is that some of the …..

Gaming the System—Getting Around Subscriptions

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit, that I had no idea about this handy tip from the Google Blog and finding versions of articles which initially appear to be behind a paid subscription database. Now usually I am within the campus network so getting to a paid article database is not a problem. But this …..

Web Based Research Management

Holding on until election season is over. In the meantime here is a new site to keep you occupied: lumifi is a online research tool for helping you to search and organize information from the web (sort of like a web based DevonAgent, DevonThink). You can watch the introductory video here.