A Dunbar Number for Educating

This semester I have been doing a lot more administrative work for the EMAC degree. As the program is growing, both in terms of faculty and students we have to have more conversations about sequencing the courses, course content, and overall examining the pedagogical experience of our students. As one can imagine this rather easily …..

More About Knowledge Cartels

In conjunction with the keynote that I gave at the Computers in Writing Conference this year, I wrote an article for Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture. For those who are interested this piece articulates, in a slightly different manner, why I think that Open Access issues are fundamental to the work we …..

The Future of the MLA Job List

(First a brief disclaimer. Generally speaking I like the MLA, I think its core mission, to advocate for languages and literacy education is an important one. And for those who don’t know my PhD is actually in English, so I feel a certain affinity for the scholars there. And recently the MLA has made a …..

Ending Knowledge Cartels.

10 (Mostly) Simple Steps. Last month I had the privilege of speaking to the annual Computers in Writing Conference. The organizers were interested in hearing my perspective on open scholarship and the university. I am not going to recast my entire presentation here, I actually might write it up as an article for something else, …..

EnemyGraph. Education. Done. Right.

  “Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral.” -Paulo Freire “This is a great discovery, education is politics!”- Paulo Freire Q:How do you know you are succeeding as a program? A: When you are up at 4:00am watching a project …..

Making the University a Police State

This weekend The Chronicle of Higher Education published an opinion piece by Michael Morris arguing that in the name of campus security campuses should start data mining all student internet traffic. Or as the not so subtle, fear mongering, almost fit for Fox News title says, “Mining Student Data Could Save Lives.” Morris’s article to …..

Nancy’s Response to the SUNY Albany Affair

As many of you know, The University at Albany (the place from which I received my PhD) has decided to close its French, Italian, and Russian departments. There are a range of reasons that make this an uninformed decision; for a rundown see Rosemary Feal’s The World Beyond Reach. More entertainingly, though, Jean-Luc Nancy, Professor of …..

Social Media Fasts

Harrisburg University seems to be getting a small amount of press lately for announcing that it would as an experiment block all social media websites for a week (Inside Higher Education Article, Chronicle Article). Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, even AIM and chat features on Moodle will be unavailable on the University network (or more precisely the …..

Burn the Boats/Books

The following is a summary of my talk, or more accurately, the short written version of my talk, “Burn the Boats,” which I gave a little over a month ago at the DWRL in Austin. You can read the post, or skip to the end and watch the videos (which last about 40 minutes) and …..

Apple and Censoring Education

Yesterday, Dan Cohen’s tweet about the iPad and censorship, got me thinking about a drawback to the iPad for education argument. What Dan made me wonder/realize is that by using iPads for educational purposes schools, both higher ed and secondary/primary ed, would be opening themselves up to censorship by Apple. In other words as I …..