Reader Question

A reader is looking for a software application to help her read digital documents, any suggestions on something which can do the following: A rather mundane question I have for you. . . have you encountered something that could help make the reading process easier for digital documents? Something akin to dragging a colored index …..

ProfCast for WIndows

The start of a semester, plus the height of a political season has severly trimmed down my academic-tech blogging, but, I couldn’t let the following announcement go unnoticed. Profcast is now available for Windows. Profcast is simply one of the best ways to record lectures and presentations and make them available for students and audiences …..

Another Online Slide Creation Tool

No, that is not a screen shot of Keynote, it is from an online slide creation tool called 280Slides. The interface though is so similar to Keynote that one might accuse them of just ripping off Keynote, stripping it down and turning it into a web application. Indeed in reading thru the few blog posts …..

LaTex-Another Word Processing Option

Occasionally when I write about word processors someone will ask about using LaTeX (that’s LaTeX, not latex . . . totally different things). LaTex is the hardcore version of Word Processing. I most often find it used by those in the sciences as it is much easier to type equations and formulas in LaTex. (Technically …..

Some Useful, Some Not, Things for You

Here is a list of things I have been collecting as of late, which may or may not be of interest to those in academia . . . I frequently make the argument that blogs are one of the most useful “tech tools” in education. In fact I now run a class blog for each …..

Random (yet perhaps not so random) Set of Things Which Might Interest You

I am working on a follow up post to my recent scribe on using Twitter in Academia (for whatever reason this garnered a great deal of interest and I have received many questions which I am trying to address in one long post). At any rate in the meantime here are some places around the …..

A List of Interest

I am currently working on a longish post about using Twitter in academia, but in the meantime I have collected some useful links to peruse. First up Big Think. Think of YouTube for ideas. The polish on this site is nice, and it seems to be off to a good start with some rather substantial …..

More RSS Goodness

First, an exciting piece of news for all of those who like free stuff and RSS: NetNewsWire (high-powered RSS client for Mac) and FeedDemon (a PC version) are now free. That’s right free as in free beer, which is doubly good because RSS helps you get free speech as well. Second, I recently did an …..

How to Zotero

Just yesterday I was talking with a fellow academic, who frustrated by Endnotes was wondering what other options exist for managing references. My no think response was Zotero. Which caused me to think about doing another plug for Zotero here on Academhack, but fortunately for me, another scholar has already done this work. Scott McLemee …..

Working With PDFs

It seems that more and more I find myself wanting to manipulate/work with PDFs. I generally only accept work from students that is in PDF or RTF form, many of the articles I download are formatted as PDFs, even many users manuals are PDFs. So here are some tips/tools for managing PDFs: Organizing PDFs: This …..