The Next Step for the MLA Job List

(I probably don’t have time to fully develop this point, but here goes . . .) It should come as no secret to people that I am an advocate of open access, that was, after all, the focus of my talk at Computers in Writing, and a frequent subject on this blog. Indeed many have …..

The Future of the MLA Job List

(First a brief disclaimer. Generally speaking I like the MLA, I think its core mission, to advocate for languages and literacy education is an important one. And for those who don’t know my PhD is actually in English, so I feel a certain affinity for the scholars there. And recently the MLA has made a …..

Be Online or Be Irrelevant

“For [the theoreticians of photography] undertook nothing less than to legitimize the photographer before the very tribunal he was in the process of overturning.” -Benjamin, Little History of Photography I want to explicate some of the issues I raised in the last post, address some of the comments, walk back my position on at least …..

The MLA, @briancroxall, and the non-rise of the Digital Humanities

Two Things about the MLA conference I want to connect here: 1. Clearly one of the themes that has developed in the MLA post-mortem has been the rise of social media and the influence of technology at the conference. Both The Chronicle and Inside Higher Ed noticed the prominence of Twitter at the convention, or …..

Post MLA Thoughts-Part 1 The Jobmarket

For those who follow my account on twitter you already no doubt know that between Christmas and New Year’s Eve I was in San Francisco at the Annual Meeting of the Modern Language Association. Those who read this blog also know that I am critical of organizations and institutions (yes almost all of them), especially …..