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How to Teach a Digital Game III

This is the final post in a series about how to conquer the technological hurdles, and teach a digital game in your class. If you haven’t already you might want to start at the first post. If you have read the first two, then you should be ready for this last post, on what you …..

Flash Drive Warning: U3 drives=Not so Smart

I was at Best Buy looking at monitors with someone the other day (looking not buying, as you can get better tech prices online-personally I buy from (Newegg but that’s not the point). I saw they had Flash Drives on sale. Now before on this blog I have talked about the importance of having one …..

Classroom Blogging: The Tools

Here is the first post in the semester long series about using blogs in the classroom, if you haven’t already please read the introduction as it will give you a better sense of what this is all about. I thought I would start by sketching out the technical tools, programs, web services etc. that Jenn …..

THIS one is for Students

Earlier I listed my top ten apps, that I use for academic purposes. Somehow this got taken as top ten applications for students. Actually that post was MY top ten list, not a universal top ten, or what I would recommend for everyone. So. . . Here is what I would recommend as applications for …..