Email Part Deux-Or Revisiting the Prior Post

Sometimes you write a post thinking it is no big deal, just a reference to something, and all of a sudden gets more interest than you would think. So it went with the prior post about Boston College no longer offering campus email accounts to students. In my mind I thought this was a no-brainer. …..

The Future of Campus Email

Boston College takes the important step of not providing incoming freshmen with email addresses. I have argued this before, but, I simply don’t understand why campuses spend so much money trying to maintain and provide students with email addresses. There are so many free services out there, ones which students who are coming into the …..

Handling Email (Re-post)

Seeing as the semester is starting and I have had several people ask me about this already I thought I would link back to the posts I wrote at the beginning of last semester. This is a five part series (rather elaborate write-up) I did that explained how I handle email. Part I Part II …..

Email Etiquette

Be Polite Use BCC Hawkwings has a post about controlling HTML in email. This is one of those things that tends to annoy me, people who send emails with lots of HTML formatting just to make them look nice. So, you get emails in your inbox that are huge (in size) but only contain a …..

Email Power-Up

Despite the recent claims about email being for old people, I am always looking for ways to “power-up” (yes, I am on a bit of a digital games kick lately—writing that chapter of the dissertation) email. Two resources are incredibly valuable for this process: HawkWings: Is the site for all things Mac email. I check …..

Avoid Email Attachment Errors

File this under “how come no one ever told me about this before.” I picked this up from this recent MacWorld post about handling email. There are some good tips on this article. But the one that got me: There is a plugin to help you not forget to attach files. Basically the plugin reads …..

How To Create Student Email Lists in Two Minutes

(Okay in all honesty this takes more than two minutes the first time, but after you do it once or twice it only takes two.) Just cause Jenn asked here is a post on how to create an email group for your classes, actually I was working on this (I wasn’t going to leave all …..

Email Screencast Update

I am still experimenting with ways to get the screencast about managing email down to a reasonable size. If you read the final post in the handling email series and wanted to see the screencast, but the google video was frustrating send me email me.I am trying out some of the free services like DropSend …..

Handling Email (Part V) Putting it all together

(This is now the fifth installement in the series on how I manage email. You might want to start with the begining. Read the most important one on why you need a mail program. And look thru the rules I tell my students (which contains my way of collecting email addresses). Lastly checking out the …..

Handling Email (Part IV)

(This is now the fourth installement in the series on how I manage email. You might want to start with the initial explination. Read the intro on why you need a mail program. And look thru the rules I tell my students. This should explain everything up till this point.) Allright up until now has …..