Devon for Novel Writing

Steven Johnson, who I started reading because of his book Everything Bad is Good For You (a well thought out defense of digital games) has a post on boingboing documenting his novel writing process (he has a new book out). Although he says he has used various writing tools for his different books, his “one …..

The Best Holiday Gift I Am Likely to Get—New Devon

DevonTechnologies has just released the beta version of DevonThink 2.0. And yes, this is likely the best thing I will get for the Holidays. Whether this says more about me and my geeky/scholarly loves, or about the people who will give me gifts I leave to you. (Actually my brother and I instituted a ban …..

I Can Hardly Wait

I realize I am a Devon Think groupie, but the news that a new version is in the work for this year has me anxiously awaiting the release. In my opinion it is the best, “brain in a box” software out there. My largest complaint with Devon is the interface (it is rather dated an …..

Follow Up on Evernote-Getting Devon over the Web (iPhone)

While I was checking out Evernote (see post below) I got enamored with the idea of having my database accessible over the web (read iPhone). Evernote makes this really easy. But ultimately Evernote was no where near powerful enough to entice me into switching (in fact I have been ramping up my Devon use lately …..

Devon on the Cheap

If you have been thinking about buying Devon, today might be the day. Today, and today only it is half price if you purchase it through macZot. Devon is one of those programs that would make it impossible for me to ever stop using a Mac, a priceless storer, and sorter of information.

Around the Web

Supposing you have time, here are some things of note. Find a tutor: Lifehacker post on a service that helps you find a tutor, or if you are a tutor find a student. As of now the service only works Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Just as instructive though is the discussion about the post, …..

Tagging Files—Or How to Keep Research Organized

I received the following email from an Academhack reader. Here’s my situation: I work in education policy, which means I spend a lot of time reading long-ish reports and writing syntheses, papers, policy briefings, etc. What I often find is that Report A will contain potentially useful info about a variety of topics (we’ll call …..

Saving Web Pages in Devon, now with Firefox

No secret here, Devon is one of my favorite applications. One of my top can’t live without, reasons to work on a Mac programs. One of the essential features is it’s ability to capture and store data from the web. This has been relatively easy to do if you are working in Safari or other …..