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File Sharing in the Classroom: PirateBox and LibraryBox

Background Last semester I had the advantage of teaching in the new Communications and Digital Media classroom here at Saint Joe’s. It’s a fabulous space, that just on architecture and design changes the learning environment. (Key technology: moveable tables and chairs.) But the classroom was in part over designed, or at least in some areas, …..

Teaching Carnival

This week I am hosting the Teaching Carnival. This weeks Teaching Carnival theme: The Future of Education. Alex Halavis suggests that the future of education lies outside the walls of the university. After all, what are students paying for? an administrative function that they can perform themselves? Personally I am not that keen on ad …..

OMG-Blackboard Does Something Right

Pardon my snark, but I have become accustomed to Blackboard and WebCT innovating after the curve, and providing vastly inferior products with pathetic user interfaces. Perhaps though someone at Blackboard is paying attention as they are developing a Blackboard interface for the iPhone. I do however reserve the right to make fun of them when …..

Tools for Teaching Writing

For those who have teaching writing and composition, or for that matter anyone who requires analytic writing in their classes, you might want to check out The Topoi brought to you by USC Writing Program and Mark Marino (of Writer Response Theory). One of the things I have wondered is how long it will take …..

Digital Literacy Presentation

For those who requested it, here is the information and links to the talk I recently gave to the Texas Community College Teacher’s Association. Approaching Digital Literacy: Creating a Networked Culture on Campus (Texas Community College Teachers Association 2008). (You can download the high quality Quicktime Movie or the lower quality mp4.) Below are the …..

Mobile Academhack-iPhone Apps

If anyone doubts that the age of mobile computing is here compare the lines at your local Apple store (or just search Flickr) and compare those to lines at Sprint, or TMobile. When someone asks me about the iPhone, I explain it is not a phone but rather a portable computer that happens to make …..

Online Course Management-Nfomedia

It’s no secret that I think Blackboard and WebCT are a scam. They charge excessive rates for a second rate, clunky product, and Blackboard is trying to patent and corner the market (all around bad for education). At any rate I think most of what Blackboard offers can be done for free, in a more …..

Blogs for Course Management

Last week I had a request to detail how I use blogs as a course management tool, as a way to subvert and improve on the horrible ones most Universities encourage (sometimes force) faculty to use (yes I am talking about WebCT and Blackboard). So, I am preparing said post, but in the meantime for …..

Some Useful, Some Not, Things for You

Here is a list of things I have been collecting as of late, which may or may not be of interest to those in academia . . . I frequently make the argument that blogs are one of the most useful “tech tools” in education. In fact I now run a class blog for each …..

Proof that Blackboard is not your Friend.

Apparently Blackboard wants to be Big Brother. (As if being a patent troll wasn’t bad enough.)