What I Use Now

Five years ago I wrote, what for some reason, was the first post for my blog that got any sort of attention. Basically it was a run down of the “Top Ten” software tools I use as an educator. At the time I was consistently asked by colleauges what computer “stuff” I used, so I decided …..

Teaching Digital Writing

Sorry folks not much here as of late. That is because I have been working on another project. At any rate for those who are interested on Monday at noon east coast time, I will be participating in a webinar on teaching Writing as Information Arts (sort of a way of thinking about teaching digital …..

A Model for Teaching College Writing

The following is a guest post from UT-Dallas graduate student, Barbara Vance (@brvance). This past semester Barbara taught an atypical rhetoric and composition course. Barbara teaches Rhetoric 1302, the standard introductory college writing course. She was given a course with a group of students who she was told, were struggling with writing and needed, “more …..

Teaching Carnival

This week I am hosting the Teaching Carnival. This weeks Teaching Carnival theme: The Future of Education. Alex Halavis suggests that the future of education lies outside the walls of the university. After all, what are students paying for? an administrative function that they can perform themselves? Personally I am not that keen on ad …..

Facebook Changing the Terms of Service

For those who are not on twitter and following the recent meme about changing TOS, you should start by reading this post and the subsequent follow-up. To be fair to Facebook part of the momentum here is a general sense of angst about who owns what when it is stored in “the cloud” or on …..

iPhone Apps for Academic Types

So, I got this email the other day. You know the type, one from a not all together legitimate website, saying “Hey Link to My Post” your readers might want the information. The post purported to be a list of the top 50 iPhone applications for educators. The only problem is that some of the …..

Back from the Election Time Suck

Now that the election is over, and my digital politics class will require less time, hopefully I can return to blogging here more. So to start here is a list of things I have been collecting over the last few weeks that just got placed in the “to blog about” pile. (Incidentally, if the local …..

Ironic Pedagogy

File this under bad pedagogy and irony, a bit like teaching a statistics class but not letting the students use any numbers.

Digital Literacy Presentation

For those who requested it, here is the information and links to the talk I recently gave to the Texas Community College Teacher’s Association. Approaching Digital Literacy: Creating a Networked Culture on Campus (Texas Community College Teachers Association 2008). (You can download the high quality Quicktime Movie or the lower quality mp4.) Below are the …..