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ProfCast for WIndows

The start of a semester, plus the height of a political season has severly trimmed down my academic-tech blogging, but, I couldn’t let the following announcement go unnoticed. Profcast is now available for Windows. Profcast is simply one of the best ways to record lectures and presentations and make them available for students and audiences …..

Update on Jenn’s Classroom Blogging

Jenn’s classroom, the one where she has students blogging as part of the composition class, is approaching half-way through the semester. While she has met with success as far as getting students involved, she would really like to get outside comments on the students posts. That is, she wants to get the students to realize …..

Pocket Flock Notes

A brief note on Pocket Flock which Jenn is using in her blogging class: If students are using Pocket Flock when they close the application it clears out all of their passwords (as any good portable app should do). The result however is that when students lauch Flock again they need to select Account Settings …..

Setting Up Flock: Blogging and RSS

And last but not least for the first week of setting up the blogging classroom: What Jenn will cover on the first day of the computer lab. I am going to outline the “lecture” (not really a lecture but whatever. . .) here step by step in broad terms. A few of the specific steps …..

The Joy of RSS, or an Explanation I Have Been Putting off Far too Long.

I started to write up a post about the organization for Jenn’s first day at the computer lab, that is the day helping students learn to blog and read blogs, but in the end I realized I can’t go any further without getting into RSS, and how it is going to play a critical role …..

Setting Up the Classroom Blogs

So Jenn’s class started last week (St. Rose is one of those schools that starts before Labor Day). In class she surveyed (informally) the students about blogging and their use of technology, only one student currently had a blog, and none of them responded that they use an RSS reader. The first think that Jenn …..

Classroom Blogging: The Tools

Here is the first post in the semester long series about using blogs in the classroom, if you haven’t already please read the introduction as it will give you a better sense of what this is all about. I thought I would start by sketching out the technical tools, programs, web services etc. that Jenn …..

Classroom Blogging: The Pedagogy and The Technology

The Short Explanation: I am working with Jenn on a project about using blogs in the classroom. (Really this doesn’t capture the idea so just read the long explanation below.) The Long Explanation: There has been a lot of talk recently online regarding the patent filing by Blackboard, a patent which could create serious hurdles …..