Currently I am an Assistant Professor of Emerging Media and Communications at the University of Texas at Dallas. My work centers on understanding the complex cultural transformations brought about by the change from an analog archive to one whose substructure is a digital network. Particularly I am interested in how traditional institutions-libraries, higher education, even democracy itself-will be altered in a post print society. To see some of my work visit the research page.

Emerging Media and Communications is a new degree program within the school of Arts and Humanities at UT Dallas. Rather than being a traditional media studies program, EMAC is focused entirely on digital media, educating students to be both critics and creators in the digital landscape. For more information about this program visit the EMAC main site.

For more information about me and my research (beyond this blog) visit my main site OutsideTheText.

I started this site as tech tools for academics.That is, outlining the more concrete ways technology and computers can be used to improve both teaching (how to get beyond the use of Power Point) and scholarship (did you know there are more effective, cheaper, alternatives to MS Word-how does a $30 word processor designed by academics sound?). But there are now better sites for this, see Profhacker. So while I still post some tech tips and thought I now use this blog more to talk about the intersection of the digital and academia, or more broadly my thoughts on the way the digital is transforming knowledge creation and dissemination. (Notice most of my posts lately have been filed under “rant.”)

Contact Info

To contact me email me at dparry [at] utdallas [dot] edu. Or connect with me on Twitter: academicdave. (Don’t call my office, despite my technical tendencies I still can’t work the voicemail very well.)