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For those who are into social bookmarking I just updated a bunch of items to So if you are looking to surf the web check out my account. If you are not into social bookmarking or have no idea what I am talking about, click here and get started, as it is a …..

Wikipedia and MLA

I am busy getting ready for MLA, and finishing the semester. For those of you who are interested I will be presenting on “Wikipedia: The University an the Open Archive” on Thursday at noon-1:15. You can see more information about this particular panel here as well as info about the other two Wikipedia focused papers. …..


One of the programs I use most, but never think about is Noise. A post over at The Apple Blog on software for laptops, reminded me that I should post here about Noise (it is included on the list). I live in an apartment, which can be badly insulated against sound. This is a particular …..

Open Access

In my spare time (yeah right what spare time, honestly as a means to procrastinate) I have been reading John Willinsky’s The Access Principle which you can get for free from MIT press. Willinsky argues for both the ethical and practical reasons we should move to open access journals. The key part for me is …..

A Little Primer

The Apple Matters has a post today about a philosophy teacher asking for advice on what hardware/software combination to use for presentations in class. I won’t summarize here, you can go read it. But it did lead me to start thinking about alternative presentation ideas. Currently I am working on my presentation for MLA, and …..

A Great Example for Math Teachers

Next time you need an example that shows why Math matters, direct students to this phone conversation. This guy spends forever trying to convince anyone at Verizon that there is a difference between .002 dollars and .002 cents. Yet no one at the company seems capable of doing simple math. In fact late in the …..

Online Tutorials

I realize most of you are busy trying to finish your semester, so have no time to take on new projects. But, if you would like to learn more about scripting for the web, or managing web applications, you should bookmark the following two links and take a look at them over your break—these are …..

Reader Recommendations: Two Applications

Via reader recommendations, here are two possible software choices for managing all of that academic writing and information. Scrivner: Scrivner is another attempt at making a word processor aimed at managing large projects (such as novel writing or screenplays) similar to Ulysses, but in my estimation a bit more powerful. Scrivner allows you to look …..

RSS Just Keeps Getting Better . . .or my newest discovery.

I don’t know how long this has been available, but I was doing some researching via Project Muse today and noticed this: Let me zoom in: That’s right you can subscribe via RSS to a journal, and you will be sent updates when the new journal is issued. I tried this out on a few, …..

The Pedagogy of PowerPoint

I am catching up on all of the items I flagged for reading over the past week, and I ran across a tremendously well developed paper on about The Rhetoric of PowerPoint. This is a paper by Jens. E. Kjeldsen an associate professor at the University of Bergen, Norway. Kjeldsen rightly points out that …..